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Suvradeep Chandra, Founder & Lead Photographer

Suvradeep Chandra

Founder & Lead Photographer

As a creative head & visual storyteller, I have always been driven by my passion to capture stunning timeless images. For me, Memories Designer is not just a brand, it is about creating works of art that capture the beauty and intensity of love in its most amazing moments. Apart from managing my incredible team, I love to pursue excellence in crafting vivid images that will stand the test of time and be cherished by you forever.

Moumita Chandra, Owner & Marketing Head

Moumita Chandra

Owner & Marketing Head

From concept to creating candid moments, I love nothing more than bringing your vision to life. As an owner, I'm here to make connections, take awesome photos, and have some fun along the way. By carefully listening to my clients and understanding their specific needs, I craft a marketing strategy to ensure their satisfaction. So if you're ready to have some fun and create some memories, let's chat over coffee!

Arghadeep Mitra, Director & Lead Cinematographer

Arghadeep Mitra

Director & Lead Cinematographer

Every wedding has its own unique story. As a wedding film director, I always try to place my creators in this way so they can capture the essence of your love story with an artistic eye and careful attention. We capture your every single smile, every hug, each teardrop, and all the emotion- the real and raw feelings that reflect your unique relationship. That's why we always say 'you dream it we design it because we are not only photographers, we are the designers'. Your videos will be the reflection of the unique bond you share with your partner.

SK Ashif Iquebal, Cinematographer

SK Ashif Iquebal


I'm honored to be a part of your grand wedding. I love to bring out the whole spectrum of the special day through my spontaneous style of cinematography. As an artist, I enjoy adding a hint of royal touch to my work so that every wedding becomes a grand wedding. Stay tuned with me to see your special day in a way that's authentic, beautiful, and uniquely you.

Sourav Sardar, Photographer

Sourav Sardar


With years of experience in capturing the essence of weddings, I know the secret of how to make your special day extraordinary. Hi all, Sourav this side. I have a discerning eye for detail, a deep appreciation for traditional elements, and an artistic approach that is all my own. My style of work implies winning a true artist with a vision to turn your special day into a work of art.

Sarboday Das, Photographer

Sarboday Das


Every wedding is unique & calls for new endeavors. As an experienced photographer, my part is to make sure that every moment is captured with precision and care with a traditional touch in it. From the bride's beautiful smile to the beautiful bonding of their family members, I make sure to capture it all. The dynamic team of Magic Moments believes that photography is not just about taking pictures, it's about telling a story. Every photo has a tale to tell, and it's my job to freeze every shot with the right emotions, lighting, and framing. Action!

Kuntal Mukherjee, Aerial Photographer

Kuntal Mukherjee

Aerial Photographer

Imagine your wedding moments with breathtaking imagery that will amaze you. Introducing myself Kuntal Mukherjee, an expert aerial photographer, specializing in capturing the most stunning and unique shots for your special day. Every wedding is unique, and I understand this. That is why I take time to listen to your vision and ideas, tailoring their approach to create a beautiful, bespoke visual feast. With my expertise, your wedding will be unforgettable. Book your space today and get ready to watch your wedding moments come alive!

Sumit Das, Cinematographer

Sumit Das


There's something truly magical about capturing cozy family moments. Cinematography, for me, is more than just capturing images. It's about capturing the essence of affection & the feelings that are present, and the shared love between the couple and their loved ones. It's about telling a story to be remembered long after the event is over. In a world where memories last a lifetime, we assure to capture every moment of your special day in A priceless & perfect cinematic way. As a cinematographer, I take great pride in my work and strive to create films that are not only beautiful but also emotionally powerful. I am honored to be a part of such a brilliant team and take great care in ensuring every shot is perfect.

Sumit Debnath, Cinematographer & Aerial Photographer

Sumit Debnath

Cinematographer & Aerial Photographer

Hey, This is Sumit Debnath, a masterful cinematographer and a gifted aerial photographer with multiple years of expertise in the field. I’m a passionate and dedicated artist who brings a unique flair for capturing the essence of special moments with my originality. I have been a part of Memories Designer for my unmatched creativity. I will be all set to capture your wedding day with a touch of magic, romance, and originality. Join me to create fascinating memories that you will treasure forever.

Sk Asif Hossain, Cinematographer

Sk Asif Hossain


My approach to cinematography is a blend of artistry and technical expertise. With the keen eye for composition and symmetry, which results in stunning, visually appealing cinematography. My exceptional passion for capturing every intricate detail, emotion, and essence of your special day will make you fall in love with the outcome. I love my team for support me in this style of cinematography.

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