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A Dreamy Cinematic Wedding Teaser

Let the spotlight be on you throughout your wedding journey. Our exclusive wedding photography are for the one who believes in love & light through our wedding lenses.


Kolkata Cinematic Best Muslim Wedding Trailer

Look through the wedding teaser of our royal princess and princess who vow together to unite their souls with us. So, explore love, happiness, grandeur with our Royal photography package.


North Bengal Pre-Wedding Music Video

Experience romance, poetry, beauty, and love through our lenses as we take you to a dreamland of North Bengal for our sweet couple's pre-wedding journey.


Dramatic Bengali Wedding Teaser

Experience love though our sweet and never-like before wedding photography that freezes your special moments.


"From Sky To The Land" Kolkata Pre-Wedding Music video

Our pre-wedding love story of ISRO scientist and his wife knows no bounds. Madly in love, we have framed their special moments into timeless frames.


Grand Cinematic Wedding Teaser

If you want grandeur or royalness in your wedding gala. Then, Memories Designer is here to weave your perfect filmy moments.


Jab We Met || Kolkata Best Manali Pre-Wedding Music Video

We capture the gala moments & create eternal memories with them. Discover the “love, laughter, & happily ever after” fairy tale moments with Royal.


Love Through Our Cinematic Teaser

Be the star of your own wedding and take inspiring ideas through our wedding photography lenses.


Sikh Wedding Cinematic Teaser

Bring the 'Heer Ranja' inside you experience a love story through our unique lenses. Take your seven vows with the magic of creativity, love, and light.


Kolkata Best Cinematic Wedding Teaser

Look how happy this Bengali 'Sudh Desi Romance' couple is. Enjoy their wedding journey like your own with Memories Designer.

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