Bookmark These Must-Have Wedding Photos for Your Wedding Album

Discover essential must-have wedding photos to ensure your wedding album captures every cherished moment. From romantic portraits to candid shots, create a timeless keepsake with these great wedding photography ideas.

Must Have Wedding Photos to Include in Your Wedding Album: Blog Poster

It's your wedding day: a whirlwind of emotions, laughter, and joyous moments. Your wedding day may feel like the most beautiful dream, but once it's over, wedding photos will be the magical gateway to relive the moments and joy of that special day.

Wedding photographers in Kolkata ensure to capture the happy moments of your wedding day through their expertise. If you are looking for the top wedding photographers in Kolkata to capture those perfect moments, or the best Bengali wedding photographers in kolkata to give your cultural rituals the admiration they deserve, finding the right photographer is the first important thing in your wedding planning. 

Bengali wedding photography follows an interesting art of catching those unplanned moments, traditional poses as well as some awesome creative compositions which all together are a part of your best memories for that special day. 

But where does this all leave the significance of your wedding album?

If you want to make sure that each of the special moments is perfectly captured in the wedding album. To assist you in that, we have created this list of 18 must-have wedding photographs that every couple includes in their album. 

During the wedding 

Bringing the Magic to Life: Capturing All the Action of the Wedding Day Preparations

The Bride's Getting Ready

Capture the excitement as the bride has her hair and make-up done surrounded by her family. Candid moments of laughter, tears, and helping hands make this all a heartwarming story.

The Bride's Getting Ready Pic
The Bride's Getting Ready Pic

The Groom's Preparations

Not to be forgotten! A photo of him adjusting his boutonniere or sharing a light moment with his groomsmen will bring an element of balance to your album.

groom getting ready pic

The Enchanting Bridal Jewelry

The bride wears beautiful jewelry, which is one of the most important part of the Bengali wedding custom. Close-ups of the intricate designs and her wearing of these unique pieces will be cherished keepsakes.

A Banarasi-Clad Bride Taking in Her Reflection
A Bengali Bride in Her Quintessential Banarasi Saree 

The Heart of the Ritual: Capturing the Special Moments

Gaye Holud Ceremony

The Gaye Holud is the ceremony for which Bengali weddings are renowned. A must capture in Bengali wedding photography, capturing the colors, traditions, and happiness of the pre-wedding event.

Couple Muslim Haldi wedding photographs
Bride in Haldi ceremony pic
Groom enjoying in Haldi ceremony

Mehndi Designs

Close-up shots of the bride's mehndi designs can illustrate the artistry and tradition that go into this marriage ritual. Photographs focus on the details of the henna patterns and the bride's hands

Mehndi photos
Couple Mehndi Photoshoot idea

The Arriving Groom (Bor Boron)

The heartwarming welcome of the groom by the bride's family is a beautiful tradition. Photograph the expressions on the faces of both sets of families.

The Arriving Groom (Bor Boron)

Bridal Entry

The walk to the aisle by the bride is one of the most important moments of the wedding. This photo captures the excitement, happiness, and probably a few tears as the bride enters the room.

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Bridal Entry

The First Glimpse (Shubho Drishti)

This first look of the bride towards her groom is indeed a momentous one. Key to the excellent photographer are pictures that show the raw emotions of love and happiness.

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The First Glimpse (Shubho Drishti)
The First Glimpse (Shubho Drishti)

Groom's Reaction

One of the most memorable shots has got to be the groom's reaction when he first sets eyes on his bride walking down the aisle. The candid moment full of raw emotion and love is shared.

Muslim couple walking down the aisle pic

The Exchange of Garlands (Mala Bodol)

The mala bodol is one of the romantic parts of the ceremony. Garland's exchange symbolizes acceptance and starting an entirely new journey. The couple together, staring into each other's eyes and promising, are memories that are a must in any wedding album.

The Exchange of Garlands (Mala Bodol)
The Exchange of Garlands (Mala Bodol)

The Sacred Fire (Yagna & Saptapadi)

The Yagna (fire ceremony) and Saptapadi (taking seven vows) are the most memorable parts of the Bengali wedding ceremony. It's highly crucial to take a set of photographs that will depict the seriousness and divinity of these rituals

The Sacred Fire (Yagna & Saptapadi)
The Sacred Fire (Yagna & Saptapadi)

The Sindur Ceremony (Anjali & Sindoor Daan)

The Sindoor Daan is one of the key rituals of a Bengali marriage symbolizing the wedding knot. This powerful and deeply emotional shot is very close to the heart when the groom puts a sindoor on the bride's forehead. Sindoor on the bride’s forehead symbolizes her status as a married woman. This emotional moment adds a great visual to the album.

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The Sindur Ceremony (Anjali & Sindoor Daan)
The Sindur Ceremony (Anjali & Sindoor Daan)
The Sindur Ceremony (Anjali & Sindoor Daan)

Joyful Celebration: The Festivities of Their Day

Bridal Portrait

A bridal portrait is a classic and nostalgic moment to include in any wedding album. This picture features the bride in all her bridal glory; displaying her looks as well as the details of her dress, her jewelry, and her makeup.

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bengali bride in bindi & sindoor
Bridal Portrait
Bridal Portrait

Groom's Portrait

As essential as the bridal portrait is the groom's portrait, it catches the groom in his wedding event attire showcasing his design and the anticipation of the day.

Groom's Portrait
Reception Look for Bengali Groom pic

The Couple Portrait

The most classic picture to take is one of the newlywed couple, glowing and smiling—a timeless addition to their album. Put their love and connection in the frame of a beautifully composed portrait.

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Perfect Bride-groom Photos
Weeding Photography Poses
The Couple Portrait

First Kiss

The first kiss as husband and wife is a time of laughter and excitement. This image is iconic and a testament to the happiness and love between the couple.

First Kiss
A close romantic pic of Muslim couple

Candid Moments

Candid shots throughout the day capture all the spontaneous and unplanned moments that make your wedding yours. These images can capture in-the-moment feelings and interactions with the couple and their guests

Candid pre wedding pic
A candid image of a Muslim bride
bengali bride candid photo

Friends in Candid Moments

Candid photographs of the bride and groom having a good time with their friends always add fun and informality to the album. Take close-up pictures of the laughter and joy in their faces—the camaraderie of the day.

Standing pic of Muslim bride with friends
A candid image of bride with friends
A perfect groom family entry

Family Portraits

Family Portraits are non-negotiable and all your near and dear need to be a part of your wedding frame! These can be formal or informal photos that show how the family relates to each other and Cherish moments with the family. Capture these moments with group photos of the bride and groom with their families, individually and together.

Grand Muslim family in wedding pic
Big family pic of Muslim couple wedding

The Cutting of the Cake Ceremony

The cake-cutting ceremony is a fun and celebratory moment. This is a happy tradition meant to symbolize sweetness and togetherness. Photos of the couple cutting the cake, and feeding each other is a sweet sprinkle on the wedding album.

Bengali wedding couple in reception day pic

The Farewell and New Beginnings

The Emotional Biday

The farewell or bidaai is when the bride says goodbye to her family. These important finishing touches further enrich your wedding album, capturing the moment's tears, hugs, and emotions.

The Emotional Biday

The Grand Reception Entrance

As the wedding couple makes their celebratory entrance to the reception space, it is imperative to snap a photograph of this moment. This photo sums up the rest of the party and the excitement from both the couple and their guests.

The Grand Reception Entrance
Groom acing his reception in a blue blazer with bride

First Dance as Husband and Wife

The first dance as husband and wife is an intimate and romantic moment. The couple danced together, as evident in the pictures that cheer their love and chemistry. Get the stylish elegance and joy of this unique dance.

Groom dancing with his pretty wife pic
Couple dancing at their reception party

Party Time!

The reception is a time to let loose! Show the energy of the parties with actions and fun party actions of candid photos of everyone getting their dance on, enjoying themselves, and sharing love around them.

Taking pictures with your best friends as a bride is so important to help you remember the holiday you had with all of your best friends. These can range from formal group photos to informal candid interactions

Bride dancing with family in sangeet pic

Sparkling Sparkler Exit

A fun and dramatic way to send off the night is a sparkler exit. Pose for a photo as they walk through, showering sparkling light into the rest of their lives, symbolizing their bright future together.

A canopy ornate shot
Couple grand entry in reception party pic

Silent Promise

End off your album with one last photo of the couple—perhaps a silhouette or a quiet moment of intimacy. This photo can leave a lasting impression on the couple.

Bengali weeding Photography Poses
Bengali Weeding Photography

Your wedding album is a treasured keepsake that will take you back to your special day. By incorporating these must-have photos, you'll ensure your album captures the essence of your Bengali wedding celebration – the excitement of the preparations, the sanctity of the rituals, the joy of the festivities, and the emotional goodbyes and new beginnings.

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