Get to Know a Few Couple Entry Ideas Inspiring Wedding Photographers in Kolkata

See the most captivating pair of entry ideas that Kolkata's best wedding photographers have to offer. These photographers ensure flawless every aspect, from dramatic entrances to private moments. With their artistic talent, they create a memorable wedding experience.

Top Couple Entry Ideas

This begins with the couple's grand entry at the wedding ceremony venue or reception party. The best wedding photographers in Kolkata should know that capturing the couple's mood at this time is very important. You are eager to mark this new beginning in the most artistic way possible with the best pre-wedding photographer in Kolkata as they embark on a new journey together. Here are some unique couple entry ideas you can suggest to the bride, groom, and their families:

Flower Shower

You can never go wrong with a flower shower; it always receives maximum applause from the guests. The bridesmaids and groomsmen line up on the sides as the couple enters the mandap, holding hands and sprinkling the couple with colourful flower petals. Floral and aromatic scents, the feel of soft petals, and the sight of colours ranging from white to pink form an other-worldly backdrop as you continue to capture the moments. It should be arranged so that you can stand with your back towards the door while the colourful shower is directed toward the happy couple in the photographs. It is one of the most widely posed in Bengali wedding photography, and you cannot deny it.

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beautiful bridal entry

Sparked with fire 

If you are looking for a couple entry ideas, sparkle-producing shots and light them. Ensure that the photographer takes an open-air shot or that they open them above their heads for a shot. Tell the couple to dance under the canopy made from translucent fabric with which you have decorated the reception area. Record moments of bubbles, curves, and silhouettes behind the umbrellas and in front of the camera.

A canopy ornate shot

Sparkler Sendoff

While found often found in couple exits, utilizing sparklers is equally effective in entrances as it produces drama as well. The guests are given long sparklers and then guided to form two separate lines with a channel in the middle. Include the two individuals’ hands while they walk around with sparks flying all over the couple. Their faces will be caught in the light from the crackling fire, which will add magic to your pictures. You could also combine sparklers and flowers, which are easily among the best couple entry ideas.

A sparkled-lit shoot

Splash of Colour

Distribute small packets of coloured powder or gulaal to the guests as they arrive. Teach them to drench the couple with it once they enter the room. Bursts of pink, yellow, and green will fill the frame with celebration, creating a joyful and festal mood. You can also have guests toss flowers such as flower petals or even shower the couple with rose water; this is an excellent way to have multiple shots of the couple's entry ideas with different feels and textures.

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Top Couple Entry Ideas

Framed by Family

The bridal party standing opposite each other with arms raised like an ‘A’ frame while families are arranged in wedding reception lines creates a beautiful bride and groom entry. The family ‘frames will feature the bride and groom in the middle, implying that they are now in the middle-aged bracket and represent the two families' union.

A perfect groom family entry

Silhouetted Couple

Make the couple dance on a dance floor set during the day and then suddenly take the couple inside a hall at night. Catch them from behind as the light engulfs them when they come out. Their figures will contrast sharply with even the indoor environment as well. You can, for instance, try to manipulate the lighting to achieve sharper silhouettes of the two players. This is undoubtedly the best couple entry ideas ell to embrace by the photographs.

Perfect Bride-groom Photos

The Trail Shot 

Fashion a ceiling and two partitions with thin materials you can find around the house, like drapes, curtains, dupattas, etc. A thin and short tunnel is built at this entrance. Add balloons, ribbons, and garlands to add the final touches to your flower arrangement. This passageway can be designed to depict the path the couple takes from their old life to a new one as they steal small kisses and glances. This intimate and dreamy setting is ideal for the couples’ ordinary yet timeless wedding photo opportunities. Remember to get those shots where they zone out in their little world before they come out as husband and wife.

One photograph should have the bride gazing affectionately at the groom while he pays attention to another relative bending down to them. One can also capture close-ups of a woman with henna-stained hands having their hands lifted, which could easily be the best couple entry ideas.

 A perfect trail entry shot

Grand Stairwell Descent

The venues with amazing stairs, like the staircase of old Havelis, make the couple descend the steps royally on ceremonial music. The bride can first drop halfway down the stairs, then the groom joins her halfway, and then they can spin or hug. 

Then they walk hand in hand, moving down and stopping on each floor to take photos. You can also capture them gazing into a giant mirror arranged halfway down the stairs for an artistic reflection photo. They should let the grand architecture and their chemistry do the talking.

Colour-splashed bride climbing stairs

Bridal Doli Entry

To achieve a traditional wedding, it is recommended that the bride be relayed in a doli or palanquin that has been decorated. Let female relatives accompany and hold flowers, inside which diyas and incense should be waved. The groom can stand close when she descends, help her get off, and then touch her feet. Please take pictures of the doli, her face halfway hidden by flowers, the groom’s evident excitement, and the initial moments of their interactions. This entry will, therefore, be of great appeal to elders as it has an old-world appeal.

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 A perfect entry for a bride and Groom

The Conclusion 

Since it is more creative work than a wedding photographer, you will be able to come up with so many couple entry ideas. Perhaps they wished for a Caribbean door knocking from the shore or the Indian traditional dhol and nagada players to welcome them and let your and their creative juices run wild! Carefully lead and document the couple while also creating a seamless flow for the entire scenario. Above all, frame the hands holding each other as they lead the festivities with excitement, passion, and happiness. They set out to embrace the most important journey in life together.

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